Hackers blackmail Apple, threatening to wipe 200 million iCloud accounts

A hacker group claim to have access to over 300 million of Apple’s iCloud accounts and ready to clear user data from hundreds of millions of accounts.

Claiming to be the Turkish Criminal Family, the hacker group demanded that Apple pay $75,000 ransom by Bitcoin or Ethereum (direct currency) to prevent iCloud accounts data deletion. However, Apple flatly rejected the group’s claims and threatening to alert the authorities about the incident.

However, the Turkish Criminal Family has released many evidence that they do not speak out. In a YouTube video, the group showed off stolen iCloud accounts and threatened to wipe user data on these accounts. On Twitter, the group claims 200 million iCloud accounts are under their control.

This was also the only evidence that the hacker group put forward. It’s not enough to prove that this group is capable of breaking through Apple’s security system. For Apple part, the Apple representative did not make any comment about the incident when Mashable mentioned.

In 2014, many of the celebrity iCloud accounts have been hacked and hackers launched sensitive images online. However, this was due to the weak security of the customer rather than the vulnerability in Apple’s system.

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