Hacker caused the whole city to lose sleep due to sirens

Hacker attacked an emergency disaster alert system in Dallas, Texas, caused all 156 sirens to ring continuously for 1.5 hours from midnight to early morning on April 8.

According to USAtoday, Rocky Vaz, director of the Dallas office of emergency management said hacker was in an unknown location in the city and had yet to be discovered. Hacker has fooled the warning system, sending repeated signals repeatedly to activate sirens 60 times during the night. The siren began to emit at 11h42 pm April 7 and continue until 1h17 am April 8.

Emergency warning sirens are used primarily to warn of tornadoes and extreme weather. Listening to the siren, many people worried about calling 911 causing the system to be blocked. A government spokesman said the 911 line received more than 4,400 calls from 11:30 pm to 3:00 am the next day, more than double the number of calls they received normally within 8 hours per night.

City Mayor – Mike Rawlings said the city would “find and prosecute anyone involved in this.”

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