Guide to detecting and removing spyware on Android

If  phone is equipped with spyware, getting your personal information stolen and the phone being scammed will make the smartphone user nervous. This post will guide you on how to detect and remove spyware on Android.

Recently, on the social network over the tens of thousands of phones were eavesdropping. So how to detect spyware on your phone and how to remove it.

Today we will show you how to detect and remove Ptracker spyware.

Signs that your phone may have the eavesdropping app installed:

  • Battery exhausted
  • The device is slower than normal
  • Data traffic or 3G charges increases abnormally.

Reason: When the eavesdropping application is installed, the phone will have to operate continuously while the phone is resting. In addition, that app will regularly send data (contacts, messages, ..) from the app’s installed on device to the servers over the network, so the battery runs out fast, the device runs slower and data traffic increases abnormally.

You can use one of methods below to remove the spyware application:

Method 1: If your device has anti-virus programs such as Kaspersky. Open the Kaspersky application, go to Additional > Uninstall the App and select uninstall Ptracker.

Method 2: Need to restore the factory settings, erase all data to erase the eavesdropping application on the phone. Go to Settings, then select Back up and reset > Restore factory settings.

Note: You need to back up your contacts or images before doing this.

We have shown you how to detect and remove Ptracker spyware. Hopefully this will be helpful content to help prevent malicious applications on the internet.

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