Google releases a new Google Earth for celebrating Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, Google has redesigned Google Earth for Web and Android. The New Google Earth enables user to see 3D maps of specific locations learn random places over the world and take guided tours from their Chrome browser or mobile devices.

To help user enhances knowledge about our world, tours will be available for users and under the instruction of scientists, documentarians and other experts.

The new service Voyager, which is a new experience where Google has connected to the international storytellers, scientists and non profit organizations to give out guided tour over the world, help user know more about global.

One more interesting feature is Search the world. Google has beefed up the search users can now search for say such as “the capital of Germany” and it will take to straight to Berlin. User can also learn with the Knowledge cards, which is the combination of natural language search and knowledge might just transform Google Earth. While users are there, they also can seer the location in 3D feature. Press the 3D button in the corner of the UI, and users can get anything from this location.


It is cool that Earth now has the I’m Feeling Lucky search. On Earth, it will lead users to any number of amazing destinations with over 20.000 curated Lucky Destination.


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