Google+ quietly exists with many experimental features

Google is still quietly maintaining its social networking platform, Google+ with some new features being tested for users interested in.

While Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat or other major social networking platforms are being used quite commonly, the influence of Google+ is very low. These raises may questions about the viability of this social networking site.

However, recent reports say Google+ is still exist and the company is adding new research and innovation. To complete its social networking site, Google has launched an invitation for users to become Google+ Beta Testers, where people can test new features before they are launched

In its notice, Google said that Google+ is being developed new features, if anyone want to test and participate in the discussion of these features, they can apply to become Google+ Beta Testers members. This will be a place for people to learn more about Google+, making it a place to share their interests.

Moreover, Google also outlines some of the key attributes the company is adding through Google+ Beta Testers, including Google+ activity. The engine learn more about Google+ as well as contributing and discussing products and receive feedback on the product at the advanced level.

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