Google Play Protect: A new solution of security to Android devices

To make more efforts to fight against malware, ransomware and other malicious software, which are getting increasingly threatening as smartphone and other devices connected to the internet are gaining popularity, Google has released the security layer to Android devices.

Google Play Protect will now add to the popular security on the Google Play Store and Service on Android devices, which protect over 2 billion users over the world. With this new security feature, users don’t need to have intervention but it is an automated security feature embedded into the Google Play services of any devices. Play Protect is already in any devices, always updating and automatically takes action to keep your data and devices safe.

In case of the malware or ransomware aren’t as common at the moment, Google has long been applying preventative solution to protect users from the threat and has added addition security feature on Android Nougat to fight against it.

Android OS includes Application Sandbox technology, which make sure that an app cannot use data that is being stored by another app. For example, if your device is infected with a ransomware app, it cannot access the data of the other apps or even the system resources.

Find My Device also has been launched as a part of Google Play Protect, this feature help users find the lost Android device.

The Find My Phone feature can locate, ring, lock or erase user’s Android devices such as phone, tablet or smartwatch.

Google has confirmed that these features are rolling out to Android devices over the next few weeks.



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