Google Home better than Amazon’s smart speakers

Research shows that Google Home smartphone offer up to six times more accurate answers than Amazon Echo.

Smart speakers capable of answering user questions are probably no longer a technological gadget. The ability to interact and provide answers when users request is because most of this technology is produced by the manufacturer integrated “virtual assistant” intelligence. Although they are considered intelligent speaker products, but users who are interested in this group of consumer electronics are always wondering whether the accuracy before the question of each product will come.

Fortunately, the latest research has somewhat answered this question. More specifically, according to research by 360i (a US-based company specializing in search engine, marketing, social networking and web development), the Google Home smartphone has far more precision than Amazon Smart Speaker. On the test with 3,000 questions set by the 360i, the Google Home smartphone responded more exactly six times than Amazon Echo. The study also shows Echo has a “field of interest” in shopping-related queries, while Google Assistant is more adept at gathering all sorts of search data for its smartphone model.

Google Home, at the time of launch, is expected to be “strong” in search capabilities. Amazon Echo, however, still has the edge, according to Adweek, which holds 70 percent of the smartphone market. However Google Home is smarter, it need a long time to get success and also face another heavyweight opponent, Apple’s HomePod.


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