Google continues to face a record fine of $2.7 billion

A record $2.4 billion fine was dropped and another $2.7 billion fine was brought out for Google.

Last month, Google was accused by EU court of monopoly and exploited search engines to gain favor with its other businesses and compete unfairly against other competitors. Google fines up to $2.4 billion, a record amount in a lawsuit.

According to Bloomberg, however, this event does not stop when EU is about to sue Google for proprietary Android operating system and smartphone applications. This lawsuit could put Google in a higher fine, amounting up to $2.7 billion.

EU accuses Google of operating Android operating system exclusively, in an attempt to force manufacturers to pre-install Google software such as search engines, Gmail or Play Store app. Google also does not allows these manufacturers to cooperate with other its rival, if they want to use Android operating system.

The representative of Google said that EU’ allegations were unreasonable and unfounded. All Google regulation for Android device manufactures aim to ensure the software work best.

Google is still in the grip of EU, as many of the recent major antitrust lawsuits are against the search giant. Even 2017 is called G year because many politicians in Europe are demanding heavy penalties for Google.

Meanwhile, American managers believe that successful US companies are not treated fairly in Europe. EU is looking for people who expert on Android platform to analyze Google’ flaws.

The official decision will not be made early, which may have to wait until the end of the year. At the same time, Google appears to be making some changes that limit exclusive claim from EU.

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