Google Chrome Update: Scroll Anchoring to prevent the annoying from page jumps

Google Chrome is one of the most common browsers on desktop, laptop, smartphone, etc. Because of its popular, it usually gets updated by Google. Not only do get updated new features but also the bug fixes and appearance changes.



Chrome has been updated a new feature called Scroll Anchoring. With this features, the pages which you visit will not jitter while it is loading, but will firmly stand like it is supposed to.

If you use the Google Chrome browser on your smartphone, you definitely meet a small problem. While the website is loading, you still can scroll through it to read the information. Once the website is fully loaded, it usually comeback to the top of the page and it make you irritation a bit. However, with the Scroll Anchoring feature, you do not have to face that problem any more.

The feature was previously only available in the Beta version of the browser, but now for every device. To use this feature, your devices need having Google Chrome version 56 or later. Its working is very simple. It keeps the page on the same place where you are looking at even the page need finishing loading first. However, Scroll Anchoring does not work on more complex website.

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