Google announced Android O for developers

The latest version of the Android operating system for smartphones called “Android O” has been letting Google phone application developers download the app for testing.

Traditionally, Google used the name of the type of candy to name a new operating system. For example, Android 7.0 is called Nougat (a candy made from sugar or honey with hard fruits).

Similar to the previous two versions is Android 6 with Marshmallow and Android 5 with Lollipop. Therefore, Android O is likely to be abbreviation of Oreo cake.

Android O testing version has just been released by Google. Photo: Droidlife.

In this version, Google focuses on background applications managing (like the iOS operating system) to ensure that this process does not affect the smartphone’s battery life.

“We have installed the automatic settings to limit the activities of these applications in the background to the following three types: application of submarine, multimedia application, and map application.” Dave Burke, an Android programming engineer shared.

However, this feature has not been finalized so applications that users are using or accessing, can will be affected depending on the level.

In addition, for the purpose of maximizing smartphone battery life, Android O operating system will be equipped with the feature of startup of one or more applications limiting or just allow a certain number of applications to work at the same time.

The Android O operating system status notifications bar has a number of significant changes. In pre-Android versions, smartphone automatically displays notification bar for the smallest changes of the phone. However, Android O actively combines the same or less important messages into “channel”, not to annoy the user.

Status notification bar interface of smartphone operating system Android O. Photo: Mashable

Users can choose the notification will be displayed for each type of application through the main panel of the Android OS for free. This panel is designed just outside so users do not have to go to the Setting section.

The color of the notifications bar becomes clearer and easier for the user to identify and process information. Another unique feature of the Android O operating system is that it allows users to bypass a message temporarily, then allows them to prompt the user at a preset time.

Battery life and customization of the notifications bar are not just the two highlighted features in this release. Google is also aiming to improve the sound quality of bluetooth headsets with audio codecs for high quality bluetooth audio transmission as well as Sony’s wireless audio transmission technology.

Google has been trying to make the user’s phone safer with the WebView update in Android O. WebView is a widely used service that allows developers to take advantage of browser technology in their applications. This update makes malicious applications  to steal user’s personal information difficultly.

Another feature in Android O is the “picture in picture” mode. Users can watch videos while using other applications such as Google’s location mapping or messaging. This feature was previously only available on Android TVs. This update also improves the autofill feature. It automatically fills text into dialog boxes so users do not have to retype it many times.

Google also allows you to customize the logo of Android depending on the size and shape, the color of the main screen that the user has chosen. The complete Android O will be available in June at Google I/O.

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