Gmail will stop working on Chrome for Windows XP and Windows Vista this year

According to Engadget, user who remains on Chrome v53 and below will be redirected to basic HTLM version of Gmail when access Gmail as early as Dec 2017.

In the notice has been posted on Google’s blog, users will see a banner displayed at the top of the Gmail interface for those who are still using version 53 Chrome browser on Feb 8th.

Banners will contain a reminder users need to update to the latest version of the Chrome browser, is now at 55, which contains security updates is important. And this banner will disappear when the user performing the update, except that computers are using Windows XP or Vista.

The reason is Google has stopped providing Chrome updates for both Windows XP and Vista platform since version 49, when Microsoft no longer supports its older Windows platform.

Google confirmed that, in case the user does not update to the new version of Chrome, Gmail will still work as normal during 2017. However, sometimes the user will be transferred to the basic HTML version Gmail, which is prone to security risks.

Google said that the best thing a user can do is switch to the more modern version of Windows XP or Vista.

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