Geneva motor show 2017: Audi and Lamborghini

Audi is seeking for a new standard of sustainable performance for its RS brand and a new frontier on the product side, according to Stephan Winkelmann, chief executive of Quattro GmbH.

The old Lamborgini boss said that it is a new difficult for the RS sub-brand, which has set itself as the best performance and design that customers can have when they buy an Audi.

Winkelmann believed that such sustainable cars may not be comparable or not even for 10 years but they want to establish what customers want about range, performance, how long you can accelerate- how many times for the sporty car. He added: “Certainly we drove development in the past but whether such research could be a driver in future, I’m not sure. Today it’s a revolution.”

Not far across at the Geneva, things were a lot brighter. The Huracan Performante version costs £211,000 when it’s in UK this May. The engine’s been heppep up to 640 PS and get bronze- painted cm covers. The aerodynamics is the clever part, however. Activa Aerodynamica Lamborghini consists of a forged composite carbon-fibre wing and front air splitter. Inside these forged components sit small flaps which can be moved up and down electronically to dramatically change the aero performance of the wing.

The all of things about this car is still holding by Lamborghini and we will wait to drive it in May.

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