Galaxy S9 will have higher network load speed than fiber optic cable

Samsung has launched a new modem called 6CA for mobile devices. The biggest advantage of this modem id the extremely high data rate of up to 1.2 GB/s, which is enough to download HD movies in less than 10 seconds.

To get such a great speed, Samsung has incorporated a new modem technology that allows incorporation with six frequencies instead of five, thus providing more data, support for 4×4 MIMO (Multiple in, Multiple out) technology, improving bandwidth when the waves are strong and a technique called higher-order 256 QAM to maximize data speed.

Samsung did not measure itself for the 6CA but invites Anritsu (Japan) to work on ensuring objection factors. The new modems are about 20% stronger than the 5CA (1GB/sec) chip available on the Galaxy S8. Experts say that this is pretty high speed and remember that it’s an advanced LET modem.

However, the speed of 1.2 GB/sec is just the ideal condition. In fact, users can only experience this speed in North American if it launches. Most network operator around the world still does not support this speed.

Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to be the first smartphone to integrate this modem instead of the Galaxy Note 8.

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