Galaxy S8 prompts users to clean camera lens

Galaxy S8’s photography application will display a lens hygiene reminder when dust or hand sweat is detected.

Galaxy S8 has a lot of changes in design, especially extends the screen to almost all the top and bottom. This makes the fingerprint sensor no longer have enough space to appear. Samsung chose to bring the back and right next to the camera instead of the bottom as many other manufacturers. This arrangement creates finger concerns that are easily mistaken for a dirty lens.

Camera is placed right next to the fingerprint sensor on the back.

Samsung may have thought of these cases and offered a solution to the imaging application for the Galaxy S8. The phone recognizes when the camera lens is dirty or sweaty hands, the software will give warning. “Cleaning the lens will make the photo look better,” the reminder appears on the screen when the problem is detected.

In some cases, the algorithm may misread and display more messages than necessary. Therefore Samsung has set up only the warning when the user selects the security with a fingerprint. On the Galaxy S8, iris security recommends more usage.

Galaxy S8 no longer uses the same camcorder clusters as previous generations. The sensor is kept at 12 megapixel resolution, f/1.7, 26mm wide-angle lens. The camera supports phase-shift, Dual Pixel, optical anti-shake and dual-LED flash.

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