Galaxy S8 is the best display smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S8 is rated by DisplayMate as having the best display, with the highest score: A+.

Right from the start, the Galaxy S8 impressed with curved screen, which the company called Infinity Display. Experienced at the launch event, many experts also noted that the screen of the device has a sharp, beautiful and bright color display.

Galaxy S8 screen is highly appreciated.

Display capabilities of the Galaxy S8 has just been displayed by DisplayMate – the website that gives accurate judgments about screen quality – claiming to be of the highest quality on the smartphone market today. After a series of expert tests, the score that this page offers is A+.

According to the conclusion, Samsung’s latest smartphone is “the best smartphone screen on the market”. Its advantage is the highest brightness of the tested smartphones, up to 1,020 nits, the best HDR processing capability, enhanced sharpness without compromising image honesty, good viewing angles …

The Galaxy S8 is also the first smartphone to receive the UHD Alliance certification from Mobile HDR Premium for video playback. This means that the video experience on the machine will be better, thanks to the ability to reproduce accurate color, similar to some new HDR TVs today.

Earlier, Apple also signed a contract with Samsung worth $ 9billion to provide OLED screens for the iPhone 8. This can be considered good news for Samsung, after a fire last year with the Galaxy Note 7.

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