Galaxy S8, iPhone 8 are especially important to Samsung, Apple

Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8, two hot products debuted at a time when the smartphone market was saturated and played a decisive role in the future of the manufacturer after they had gone through many challenges.

The launches of new phones are usually held in the same pattern: a flashy press conference, the excitement of the tech world, starts to pre-order and investors will keep track of how well the equipment is selling.

But the launch of the Galaxy S8 on March 29th and the 10th anniversary of the iPhone will be available later this year, which could become particularly important for Samsung and Apple ever.

The reason is the two products appear at a time when the smartphone market is saturated and after the two companies undergo the challenges. Galaxy S8 is released after last year’s explosive Galaxy Note 7. Korean manufacturer is forced to regain trust in consumers in new product.

The success of the Galaxy S8 will be the key to solving Samsung’s current problems, erasing the markings that the Galaxy Note 7 left behind, and boost sales and profitability in Samsung’s smartphone segment.

Meanwhile, Apple also had a difficult year as the 2016 financial report shows the US giant has experienced its first decline since 2001, while its iPhone sales dropped three consecutive quarters. Many have questioned CEO Tim Cook about the creation of a new series of products like Apple Watch under his leadership.

Unmanned vehicles or virtual reality technology (AR) are technologies that Apple is aiming for in the future with the same potential as smartphone, but those products have yet to appear. In the meantime, Apple is still being criticized by the iPhone 7 for not making any significant changes to the iPhone 6s.

The leaked information shows that the new iPhone and Galaxy S8 will be the best devices the two companies have ever produced. Samsung’s smartphones will have large screens, artificial intelligence (AI) technology, while Apple’s products are rumored to have 3D cameras and AR technology.

The pressure will be more and more when Huawei and many other Chinese companies are chasing closely. Therefore, the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 become more important and the company needs to move up to maintain its leading position, giving users unprecedented experiences.

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