Future iPhone will be cheaper thanks to a new decision of Apple

In the near future, we will be able to use Apple products at a more reasonable price than at the present time.

The latest news is that Apple is increasingly expanding its relationship with its Chinese partners in supplying components for its iPhone and iPad products because of cheap labor cost and effective.

This will reduce the total cost of products such as iPhone and iPad in the future, while also making Taiwan, where many of Apple’s longtime partners are concentrated, have to promote development to compete directly with these new names.

With high productivity, many vendors from Taiwan have relied on Apple to bring big money to the country, but recently Apple is changing its mind to seek more advantages, contributing to increase the level of growth. market leader compared to competitors. Sources continue to argue that many electronic component manufacturers in China already have the best supply chain management model, attracting much of Apple’s attention.

Apple products are assembled in China.

However, these Chinese manufacturers in turn become strong competitors for Taiwanese businesses, forcing them to implement various coping strategies. For example, Taiwanese battery technology companies such as Simplo have switched from working with Apple to supplying batteries for electric bicycle companies, after Apple selected Chinese technology companies as partners.

Reducing production costs helps Apple get a better product price for future devices. Meanwhile, Apple is expected to be launching three new iPhone models in September, which cost less than the iPhone X. Let’s wait and see the next Apple technology products next month.

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