Foreigners need to offer their Facebook password to step in America

America is facing up with thousands of difficulties after Donald Trump took over the position of US President. The sudden change in immigrant policies is believed to be the main reason to drive America into this circumstance. The new rule which ban 7 Muslim countries against stepping in America resulted in a debate which has never existed in American society. It is possible that the disagreements among American society will be much more serious because of the information that visitors may be required to reveal their Facebook password before visiting this country.

This is said to be a solution suggested by the US Department of Homeland Security to tighten up security. This information has been confirmed by the Secretary of US Department of Homeland Security, John Kelly.

The US Government might want to know visitors’ password to check whether visitors can pose risk to their country or not. “When someone says “I come from this town, it is my job”, US Government has to believe in what they say. But I think it is not enough. President, Trump shares the same attitude with me. Therefore, we might have to apply other methods.” said John Kelly, in his speech.

This information has just informed by the US Department of Homeland Security. If this policy is officially implemented, obviously, it is not a good new for visitors who want to come to America to the personal information.

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