Ford bring Test Drive through Virtual Reality

Ford has become one of the leading manufacturers getting virtual reality (VR) technology which is used to transform the way customers test drive and buy a car.


Ford’s global chief of digital experience, Jefferey Nowark in a saying it is easy to imagine that someone who want to purchase a Ford’s car can experience taking that car for a test drive over the desert dunes without leaving their home. Instead of being in the car market, you can stay at home. He added one day customer can identify the model car that they are interested in from the color, interior, etc.

The company has created a facility named Ford immersive Virtual Environment (FiVE) lab at its Asia Pacific Product Development Centre in Melbourne, which enable designers to fully experience a vehicle without the need for a physical prototype.

Ford’s virtual modeling contributes to everything from aerodynamics to safety, while allowing designers and engineers to optimize systems and components far earlier in the development process. “People decide within three minutes if they love a product or not, and it is the same for your car. From the moment you get in, you form connections with the smell, the feel of the surfaces, or the sound of the car door closing and it’s very powerful if we, as designers, can help create the perfect experience for the customer”, said Amko Leenarts, head of global interior design operations at Ford.



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