Finding an unusual “2018 Toyota Tundra ” with a new Camry grille

Recently, a Toyota Tundra was caught, the car was not camouflaged, and all the designs in the car fit the current model – the version received a few minor upgrades and sold under. The model is the 2018 model.

Everything is fine except for the grille. While the details of the body are typical of the Tundra, the grille is a 2018 Camry style with a new nose with a horizontal bar sloping down in the middle.

The surrounding gaps will be fitted with conventional uniform cross netting. This is most like likely a preview of the next Tundra. It is easy to understand when Toyota really wants to combine the current design with the style of the other product line

The vehicle’s license plate appears to be a conventional plate, not a special plate used by the manufacturer or distributor (DST) for test prototypes. Moreover, the location of the vehicle caught was Toyota’s Calty Design Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

With the current Tundra design and presence – the 2018 model, Toyota may not be able to offer another upgrade for at least two years. Therefore, Japanese automakers certainly will not disclose anything about the prototype in this article – a production version of the Tundra with the exception of the grille is Camry’s.

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