Facebook’s new update will make your News Feed like a rainbow of colors

News Feed will again be flooded with color status, flower buds.

It is not strange when you see your News Feed is full with color because Facebook has launched the background color feature for the status. These backgrounds will be coming soon updated with more colors.
Some users around the world have noticed the change. Facebook silently adds new background colors, new illustrations and more to help streamline user’s mood.
According to Facebook, the trend of sharing status, posting new user status is declining. Therefore, they have to add a lot of good things to delight the user to return to the sharing of emotions.
We can that the new background for the status include a range of images like hearts and flowers, textured images like silk and patterns like polka dots and confetti.
Since this upgrade is still in testing on a limited number of users, some may not yet see the change while their friends have been updated. It may take a few weeks for Facebook to announce this change to all users.

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