Facebook launches beta of Sapces, new Virtual Reality app

More than three years after its acquisition of Oculus, Facebook is now a product intertwined with people’s online identities.

Facebook has launched a beta platform for social virtual reality named Facebook Spaces at its F8 developer conference in San Jose, California.

Spaces allows up to four people to appear in the same virtual space with one another to communicate and play games in the real time. It also enables users to bring in other Facebook contacts without accessing to virtual reality through the ability to video call others via Facebook Messenger. With this app, users can connect with one another not about chat messages but voice and avatar body language. Users also can watch 360 videos, take VR selfies if the cartoonish avatar.

During this event, Mark Zuckerberg said that the company focuses on building community among its users. He also unveiled new augmented technology the company is working on, that again uses Facebook camera called the Camera Effects Platform.

This new technology uses smartphone camera to make better image recognition software and room mapping though a feature called Precise Location that can be edited using 3D effects.

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