Facebook Activates Flower Reaction Button for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming and Facebook, the biggest social network, is taking advantage of occasion to give out a pair of special features. The first feature is an experimental reaction called “thankful” which will be introduced by a purple flower icon. This reaction is between the “love” and “haha” reaction that appear when Facebook users tap and hold the “like” button for a post.

This one was initiative spotted by Twitter user Sreedev Sharma and then later confirmed by Facebook. Facebook added that the reaction will be tested in countries outside if the U.S and that it will be only the temporary one, which will be only available on Mother’s Day. However, the count of flower icons will still be seen in Facebook posts after the reaction is removed when Mother’s Day ends.

The company added that this will not be the last of temporary reactions since Facebook will be experimenting more with the feature in the future. Facebook did not reveal the information about the countries that will be able to use the flower icon on Mother’s Day, so it is not surprising that it will be limiting the feature to specific countries.

For users who live in the countries where the thankful reaction will not be launch, Facebook ahs other things in store this Mother’s Day. In Messenger, a flower button will be appearing next to the text box, tapping the icon will cause the message or image being sent though the app to be animated with flowers.

Furthermore, Messenger is also launching a sticker relate to Mother’s Day to commemorate the annual event.

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