Experience the Asus Zenbo smart robot at 2017 Computex 2017

Asus has introduced the Zenbo family robot and visitors had a lot of experience with this smart robot at the 2017 Computex event.

Asus Zenbo is the first family robot on the market, designed to help, entertain and accompany families. Zenbo is a fun and educational friend who helps children learn storytelling and learning games to nurture creativity and logical thinking skills.

As a family helper, Zenbo will enrich the home with a range of more exciting skills. Zenbo can control many smart home appliances, support the kitchen by reading recipes and acting as a voice timer, serving as a family photographer with a camera. Integrate and function as a home security camera.

In addition, Zenbo helps family members protect their health by monitoring emergency situations – such as falling – and immediately responding to them by informing family members. Zenbo also helps seniors enjoy life connected by making online tasks easier, such as making video calls, using social media, and shopping.

Zenbo weighs 10 kg, running Android operating system, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB / 128 GB storage capacity, equipped with contact sensors, interactive interface, sensors to help avoid falling. The sensor detects the distance ahead, and the sensor helps to avoid obstacles. Zenbo has a 10.1-inch screen, which is available in English and Chinese, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible.

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