Experience iOS 11 on iPhone 6: Stable performance, no lag, very worth upgrading

So iOS 11 official version was launched along with the iPhone X in the event of Apple. As fast as the rocket, I have upgraded my iPhone 6 right now to share some first impressions.

How to upgrade to iOS 11?

Very simply whether you are in 11 beta or 10.3.3, follow the link and instructions below. Note that updates range from 1.1 GB to more than 2 GB, clean the memory and find a place with strong and stable WiFi.

Smooth on iPhone 6?

After several recent beta builds of user trust, the official version of iOS 11 has answered all my questions for the rest of my life with the beta release.

After updating, the first thing I have to do is reset my iPhone 6 to give the software as much compatibility as possible.

It will be a lie if I say after updating the phone is smoother, compared to iOS 10.3.3 I personally also experience some slight delay when multitasking back to the home screen as soon as updated. And I think you will have the same situation.

Besides, I have the feeling of downloading the app on iOS 11 looks a lot longer and pending than iOS 10.3.3. Maybe I’ll test more and put in a speedtest video between 2 versions.

Interface strange that familiar, Control center change completely

On iOS 11, most of the interface is made look brighter and some icons are slightly changed such as Appstore, camera, etc.

The open or close to the main screen changes slightly against iOS 10 and is very smooth.

Control Center is a change that is clear and received my sympathy. When updated to the official version of iOS 11, the effect when dragging the screen brightness bar, transitions, etc are very smooth not as in the first few beta.

Now we can add more shortcuts for quick access. Unfortunately, my iPhone 6 does not come with 3D Touch, so I’m pretty much limited on this update.

Many useful features

iOS 11 is an updated version with many small and interesting features, especially I like to allow the video screen is extremely convenient. For iPhone 5S or 6 users without 3D touch, the integration of 3G keyboard shortcuts in Control Center is extremely good.

In addition, iMessage becomes a competitor even comparable to Line, Facebook Messenger, etc, can paste any image and push to iMessage without downloading images.

Personally, I find iOS 11 to be a converged version of many features or to provide a smart user experience. You can refer to a list of features below, a few will be dropped in the beta.

Is it worth the upgrade?

Performance is more stable than beta, with no lag phenomenon and a forest of forward looking features, why not upgrade to iOS 11 right for your iPhone 6? I have tried and used more than a day, completely satisfied with this version of iOS 11 GM. You want to update the OTA can wait to 19/9 also OK.

If you see any errors on the iPhone 6 after upgrading to iOS 11 can comment below.

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