EU puts more pressure on forcing Facebook, Twitter and Google to modify user terms

EU has put pressure on Facebook, Twitter and Google, forcing them to modify user term in line with European legislation after the proposed amendments which they submitted are thought to be insufficient.

According to a letter sent to these companies as well as viewed by Reuters on July 24, European Commission and consumer protection authorities in a blog post to three companies in June, asked Google and two social networking platforms that improve user permissions changes are submitted before October. Facebook and Twitter representatives did not immediately respond to emails asking for comment, while a Google spokesman declined to comment.

Government’s concerns focused on the procedures that these media companies request to be set up to remove unlawful content on their websites, their limitation of liability term and the terms allow them to unilaterally remove content posted by users.

The letter says these three companies are due to end July 20 to file a new motion, which will have to be adopted by the end of September. . Facebook, Twitter and Google first submitted changes to terms and conditions in March to ease the concerns of executives. The inadequacies are that such clauses have forced European consumers to find ways to remedy the problem in California, where their headquarters operate rather than being settled in their own country.

American technology companies have faced European’s strict scrutiny of how they work: from privacy issues to delays in the removal of illegal or threating contents.

The Government and the Commission have asked companies to come up with a specific deadline and they will apply to address the issue which is considered illegal. Also, there will have a website or email address to receive notifications from consumer. Moreover, Governments are pressuring these companies to notify users before removing the posting, or allow the user an opportunity to edit their posting.

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