Elon Musk wants to connect human brain to computer

American billionaire – Elon Musk has established Neuralink company with the goal of exploring microelectronic implantation technology into human brain to connect with computer.

Billionaire Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Corporation and SpaceX, has set up a new company called Neuralink with ambition of connecting computer directly to human brain. The billionaire is exploring the “nerve knot” technology, which consists of tiny electrodes implanted in human brain to act as a computer, the Guardian reported on March 28.

Musk did not launch the new company, but confirmed the news that Neuralink will be available next week on Twitter. The company was registered in California, USA as a “medical researcher” last July. Musk is said that has contributed much of capital for Neuralink.

A month ago, Musk said that human need to become cyborg to adapt to the future that will be dominated by artificial intelligence. He argues that the merging of human and computer intelligence is essential for humanity to continue to develop sustainably.

At present, the interface connecting the human brain to the computer is essentially one direction. The most common use is for speech and movement control devices to assist people with brain damage that control certain bodily functions.

Recently, researchers have been successful in stimulating the brain to sense signals from artificial organs, but this is just the beginning and has not yet achieved tangible results.

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