Elon Musk and his supercar collection

It is known that billionaire, Elon Musk, has special interest with car. Therefore, it is easy to understand why he owns a really huge car collection.

Elon Musk is widely known as a tech genius who is the founder of electric sedan maker, Tesla Motor and SpaceX. However, not many people know that he is a big fan of supercars. It should be noticed that his collection has included nearly 10 supercars.

BMW 320i

BMW 320i is the first one in Elon Musk’s collection. He bought this 1987-released car in 1994. At that time, Elon Musk had to pay 1,400 USD for this car.

After a period of time, BMW 320i started to be degraded and broken. The car was so broken that its wheel was even separated on the way to Zip2, his company. Right after the accident, he immediately replaced it by another car named Jaguar E-Type 1967.

Jaguar E-Type 1967

When he was 17 year olds, Jaguar E-Type was one of his wishes. Finally, his dream came true. Elon Musk used an amount of 40,000 USD in his bonus from Zip2 to bring this car to his home.

McLaren F1

McLaren F1 is the third member in his supercar collection. “I bought it several years ago and used it to run 11,000 miles from Los Angeles to San Frncisco. I use it in daily life.” he revealed.

It should be noticed that McLaren F1 used to encounter accident with its owner. It was seriously broken after that accident. The fragments from the car was found everywhere. Fortunately, its unibody frame was made from carbon fiber saved Elon Musk and his friend’s life.

Lotus Esprit, the 007

Several years ago, Elon Musk bought a new car, Lotus Esprit “submarine car” which was like James Bond’s car in “The Spy Who Loved Me”. He bought this car with 886,000 USD in 2013.

At that time, Lotus Esprit was sold at auction in London. “I bought it because I thought that it can be turned into a submarine with a button like in that movie” he said. In fact, he had disappointed with Lotus Esprit because it could not be changed. Elon Musk said that he would upgrade this car to make it a real submarine.

Audi Q7

In fact, he bought this car because he considered it as an inspiration for the new generation of Tesla Model S. He intended to create a car in which its doors could be opened in limited space and users could sit in the third row of seats without folding the chairs in 2nd row. Audi Q7 did have such wonderful features.

Besides these cars, Elon Musk also is the owner of BMW M5-Hamann and Porsche 911-2012.

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