Donald Trump may have abandoned Android smartphone to use iPhone

The US president may no longer use his favorite Android smartphone to switch to iPhone when his Twitter tweets use this smartphone.

According to the Guardian, Donald Trump has not tweeted on Android smartphone for nearly 20 days, from March 8. Before that, he still posted his own status by Twitter app on Android, while the status derived from the iPhone will be assisted by his assistant.

In the past, observers have also found that for tweets made by the President’s assistant would be “in a moderate way” and from iPhone, as opposed to “self-titled” Trump tweets. However, recently, both state styles have come from the Twitter app for the iPhone.

Before that, Trump was said to use the Galaxy S3 launched in 2012. This makes many people concerned because the device is too old, no longer receive security updates and it can be stolen confidential information at any time. However, it seems Trump has changed his mind and chose the iPhone instead.

New President Donald Trump is thought to have a dislike of technology, unlike former President Barack Obama. According to the New York Times, Trump does not use computers and “rarely” uses email, even loyal to Samsung’s “old-fashioned” phone when entering the White House. And after took office, Obama used a phone call from the US Central Intelligence Agency called Sectera Edge. The Sectera Edge is a super-secure phone built by the NSA, which integrates biometric identification, no camera, and applications developed by the US Department of Defense.

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