Dead because of charging iPhone in the bathroom

Richard Bull, 32 years old, in London England, was charging iPhone next to the bathtub, the phone accidentally dropped into the water.

On December 11, 2016, Bull was preparing to attend the family Christmas party, the accident occurred. At first, Tanya, his wife, thought her husband had been attacked because of burns on his chest and hands that looked so serious then she called the police.

“We found an iPhone connected to a long cable and charger. There are harmless devices, but it can also be dangerous, like using a hairdryer in a bathroom,” investigator Sean Cummings said. “Phone manufacturers should print with warning before shipment”.

Carola, the victim’s mother, also worried that too many people, especially teenagers, can not disassociate their phones and use them with their charger while bathing without knowing the dangers are waiting.

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