Canon EOS M6- handy and convenient device

Canon EOS M6 debuted earlier this year at about the same time as the M5. The M6 ​​is slightly smaller than the M5 and the biggest difference between the M5 and the M6 ​​is that there is no EVF viewfinder. LCDs of the M6 ​​are also a bit smaller, 3 inches compared to 3.2 inches and the resolution is also lower than the LCD of the M5. In addition, every adjustment button is designed almost the same as M5. The Canon M lineup is for anyone who has a small need for travel, backup, and flexibility.

Basic parameters: 24.2MP APSC-CMOS image sensor crop rate 1.6x; The standard ISO range is 100 – 25,600, expanding to 64,000; Dual Pixel CMOS AF is used on the 80D and M5, tracking AF, Zone AF; 384-zone flexible metering system with metering options by region, point or center.

The automatic shooting modes are many, the same on the M5. Actually if you are familiar to use the device and quickly select the mode has been set up follow to the theme taken on this compact devicit so it is very convenient (Close-up, Sports, Food, Panning, Handheld Night Scene , HDR Backlight, Self Portrait, Portrait, Landscape).

The Digic 7 image processor like the M5, M6 has a shutter speed range of 30s to 1 / 4000s. Slow shutter speeds are supported with 5-axis shake reduction for use with the M-mount EF-M lens. Theoretically M6 can capture 9 frames per second in JPG format.

Battery, since there is no EVF so we mostly use LCD to shoot and we can get about 400 shots for a full charge. Canon’s mirrored line has not had a USB charging port for use with backup batteries such as Sony’s MRLs or new Fuji series. Sometimes it is inconvenient to go anywhere also remember to bring the charger.

Photos of Canon EOS M6:



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