Canon EOS 77D becomes the autofocus speed world’s fastest camera

With autofocus speed world’s fastest AF, only 0.03 seconds * while watching live view, camera Canon EOS 77D ensure zippy moments are recorded with accuracy and clarity High Best.

Canon announced EOS 77D, is the latest DSLR camera, having the autofocus speed world’ fastest. EOS 77D owned the  most advanced imaging technology of Canon including Dual Pixel CMOS AF (DAF), DIGIC 7 image processor with the APS-CCMOS sensor  and 24.2 million pixels high resolution. These two technologies made the camera with AF world’ fastest only 0.03 seconds on the Live view mode.

Like the previous high-end models, the EOS 77D also has an LCD panel shows all setup information, such as speed, aperture, ISO and exposure, while two wheel controls allow the user more ability to customize.

With AF Dual Pixel CMOS technology and DIGIC 7 image processor, EOS 77D has time autofocus just 0.03 seconds with sharp images, detailed even in  A3 printing  or cropping images (crop) image. DIGIC 7 image processor not only allows EOS 77D have speed shooting up to ISO 25,600, but also help camera work well in low light environments and capture fast-moving objects.

To quickly identify and catch the right subject, users will prefer the DAF system to track and accurately focus the object while shooting in Live View mode. DAF works effectively because each pixel CMOS sensor consists of two sensors photodiode, which obtain independent light source.

The EOS 77D is also equipped with AF color recognition sensor, work with 7560-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor to detect human skin color and precise focus on the subject within the frame  even when there is a certain object that stands in front of people need shooting.

The EOS 77D is equipped with two control loops – Main Dial and Quick Control Dial. Thus, the user can quickly change the settings of camera, such as changes aperture and speed, without looking away from the viewfinder. Quick Control Dial is equipped with a locking that can prevent the setting being inadvertently changed.

Having a number of strong points, Canon EOS 77D will make their users having the best experiences. When you go out for a picnic or outdoor activities, you will have the most stunning pictures what are the things Canon EOS 77D promise you.




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