Canon EOS 6D Mark II Specs and Price Leaked – Launching on June 29

By the end of May 2017, the camera market has announced that Canon is official launching the full- frame EOS 6D Mark II in July. The leaked source also revealed that the follow up to the EOS 6D model will be equipped with a multi-directional display that promises a more enjoyable imaging experience and remarkable hardware enhancements.
According to the latest updated information from a Canon’s closed source, EOS 6D Mark II is certain upgraded to a touch screen, multi-directional rotation. The source also exhibited a series of images confirmed as EOS 6D Mark II is basically the same design style as the predecessor EOS 6D. The difference between EOS 6D Mark II and EOS 6D is the type of flip display.
Canon EOS 6D Mark II is claimed to be equipped with a 26.2 MP Dual Pixel CMSO sensor, 45-Point AF system, 40.000 maximum IOS sensitivity (up to 102.000), shooting capability continuous 6.5 frame per second, anti-shake 5 axis, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS integrating. The body is also though to weigh around 765g.
Canon EOS 6D Mark II will soon be released on June 29 and open for sale in July. However, the passion for photography is still semi-distrusted because there is also information flow for Canon will introduce the EOS 6D Mark II and the DSLR Rebel SL2 as an upgrade from the Rebel SL in September 2017.
Here are some leaking images of Canon EOS 6D Mark II:

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