BMW i Vision Dynamics: Tesla Model 3’s future rival revealed

BMW has officially unveiled the all-new i Vision Dynamics electric car at the Frankfurt Show 2017 Frankfurt Show in Germany.

Before that, many rumors that the Bavarian car maker is in the process of designing a new i5 electric car to fit between the i3 and i8. However, at the Frankfurt International Auto Show, BMW did not introduce the i5 as many had mentioned before, but rather a Grand Coupe concept car called ” i Vision Dynamics “.

BMW and Vision Dynamics Concept officially revealed.

BMW i Vision Dynamics navigation information is still kept private. It is likely that this all-new electric vehicle will accelerate from 0-100 km/h in less than 4 seconds and reach a top speed of 200 km/h. Meanwhile, when full battery BMW i Vision Dynamics can run 600 km.

About design, BMW i Vision Dynamics is similar to the X7 iPerformance concept recently appeared. The car impresses with a modern kidney grille that extends beyond the typical BMW styling. Headlamps may use LED technology with a modern and thin design.

In the rear, the BMW i Vision Dynamics comes with an L-shape LED rear light bulb. The rear bumpers of the model are fairly rounded and simple as in the front. Finally, the windshield extends to the rear, giving a sense of spaciousness to the inside of the interior.

The electric car lineup is now part of BMW’s strategy. The company also shared that it would launch 25 models of electric cars by 2025, and Vision Dynamics was among them. BMW has admitted that i Vision Dynamics will be on the production line but has not been revealed yet.

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