BlackBerry KEYone has battery life up to 12 hours 26 minutes

Although BlackBerry KEYone was equipped with 3.505 mAh, it can work within 12 hours 26 minutes.

KEYone is the physical keyboard has released in the early 2017. This sort of physical keyboard was popular 10 years ago.

According to the latest new, KEYone comes with the 4.5 inch IPS display with the ratio 3:2. This phone has its strength on business, other features share the same functions as other Android phone. In some recent trial, KEYone only have 3.505 mAh battery but it has very impressive duration batter. Besides battery, KEYone is equipped with Snapdragon 625 which is produced under 14nm technology to save energy.

Based on the test result, KEYone has a total time working up to 12 hours 26 minutes, which is nearly twice time as long as the iPhone 7, and about four hours more than Samsung Galaxy S8, moreover, KEYone only takes more than 2 hours to charge from 0% to 100%. Although the time charging is not so impressive, KEYone has less time than other devices of Apple.

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