Bixby-Samsung’s virtual assistant on Galaxy S8

In stead of using Google Assistant, Samsung Galaxy S8 will use virtual assistant call Bixby. This new assistants offers user do everything …

Samsung is reportedly developing its own virtual assistant application in May,2016 after the acquisition Viv Labs – a company of artificial intelligence was created by Dag Kittlaus, co-author of the Apple Siri. Viv Labs Samsung acquired a month earlier with the aim of competing with Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon and Microsoft Cortana Alexa.

According to Pocket-lint, virtual assistant upcoming Samsung will be named Bixby, use the symbol B, working with pre-loaded application on the Galaxy S8, which is planned for release on the same day with  Samsung Galaxy S8.

Bixby will be integrated in Samsung’s Android apps as Samsung Pay Mini. The virtual assistant is hoped to have abilities of processing payments an controlling all the Galaxy S8 apps. The camera app on the S8 is believed to feature a dedicate Bixby button, which will set up a search tool capable object the camera happens to be focus on.

Samsung will make the phone official on April 18, instead of its original plan for February at the Mobile World Congress.

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