Bill Gates’s game used to be under evaluated by Apple

It seems to be unreal but in fact Bill Gates used to face up with many disparagements before becoming the richest man in the world. DONKEY.BAS is one of the most obvious evidence.

Bill Gates said that he had to stay up to 4:00 AM to develop DONLEY.BAS. He and his counterpart, Neil Konzen used BASIC programming language and based on a prototype of IBM computer. However, this game had not been highly appreciated by Andy Hertzfeld (one of the first Apple’s staff ) because of bad graphics and uninteresting rules. It is note-worthy that he even expressed his dissatisfaction more after he knew that this game was created by Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates.

About the content, DONKEY.BAS is a very simple game in which players only need to control the car (right or left) by pressing “space” button not to crash into donkeys. In 2001, this game was upgraded into 3D version by Microsoft. This new version is called DONKEY.Net.

To experience how DONKEY.BAS change, you can install it from App Store, of course, you need to pay $ 0.99 to get it.

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