ARKit will be the basis of ‘iGlass’ smart glasses accessory from Apple

Apple this month unveiled its new ARKit developer platform for building augmented reality applications for iPhone and iPad. According to previous information, USB’s analyst Steven Milunovich claimed that Apple would release a pair of smart glasses, called iGlass.

According to CNBC, the advanced sensors and technologies for AR will first appear in the iPhone but could eventually make their way to glasses. This is similar to an earlier report from Bloomberg which claimed that hundreds of engineer are devotes to Apple’s AR efforts.

Steven Milunovich indicated that the experience Apple could offer can be better when compared with what Microsoft has with Hololens.

“Advanced sensors and camera capabilities will enhance the iPhone; eventually there could be independent hardware offerings, perhaps iGlass,” UBS analyst Steven Milunovich said.

“We can imagine a pair of glasses with quintessential Apple design (iGlass), which enable a Hololens-type experience,” the company said, referring to Microsoft’s bulky alternative.

Milunovich also explained that Apple would face a significant challenge when it comes to the processing power required for AR features. The best case for Apple would be to send massive amounts of data between iGlass and iPhone, with the bulk of computing occurring on the iPhone rather than the glass.


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