Apply AR technology to promote products

AR technology helps users to experience unique multi-dimensional visual of consumer products right on smartphone.

AR (Augmented reality) is a technology that integrates computer graphics and Internet into the real world for users to view virtual objects in the real environment.

AR technology helps users to experience unique multidimensional imagery.

In order to experience this technology it is necessary to use a dedicated smart glasses. The most popular AR glasses are Microsoft’s Hololens, which lets you place virtual imagery directly into space and interact directly with them. Hololens equips the sensor to recognize the finger gestures, thereby creating images that the user can observe.

Users can immediately use their smartphone to experience AR without having to use other tools. Brands have taken full advantage to keep up the trend of the interactive mobile advertising. With new generation applications using AR technology, users can interact directly with their surroundings on smartphones running iOS, Android. From pictures on print ads, billboards …, in addition to seeing real images taken or scanned through the camera, AR also displays on the electronic screen with specific information about product or brand.

AR is being widely used

Recently Yakult yeast milk brand has successfully applied AR technology to promote its packaging. Mr.Yakult is a character associated with the famous Japanese brand, loved by parents and kids with the motif “The Yakult Family”.

Just install the app and scan in a Yakult box, parents and kids can see Mr.Yakult appear in real life with amazingly moving and lovely motions.

Yakult has successfully applied AR technology to promote the product.

This is considered a milestone for Yakult, when Japanese brands pioneered to apply advanced technology to bring a different experience and impressive for consumers.

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