Apple’s super-expensive technology devices sold

Apple is a well-known manufacturer of expensive devices, but most prominent are Apple LISA, Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, Macintosh Portable.

1985 Apple LISA ($9,995): In 1985, Apple released the computer named LISA for $9,995. With the current inflation rate, this could be as high as $24,000. Apple LISA is the first computer to have a graphical interface (GUI) and use the mouse to control.
Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh in 1997 ($7,499): On the 20th anniversary of the Mac, Apple sold the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM) for $7,499 ($11,200 today). But less than a year, TAM prices have dropped to $1,995. When sold out, the device was also discontinued. TAM is considered the precursor of modern iMacs.
Macintosh Portable in 1989 ($7,300): In September 1989, Apple launched its first “mobile” computer. Although portable, but the machine is still quite large, about 7.3kg. However, with this breakthrough idea, Apple sold the Macintosh Portable for $7,300, about $14,300 present value.
1985 Apple LaserWriter (US $6,995): The Apple LaserWriter printer has the ability to connect dozens of different Macintosh computers. In 1985, Apple sold the device for $7,300, or $13,000 by 2017. LaserWriter was the first commercial laser printer to be sold on the market. It contributes to the office printing revolution but can not be denied as an expensive device.
2015 Apple Watch Edition ($17,000): Apple Watch on the official shelves in 2015 after a lot of speculation with the starting price of $349. However, with Edition, users must spend at least $10,000 to own. The Apple Watch Edition comes in different versions, such as the pink gold body or 18 karat gold plated.
2013 Mac Pro “maximum configuration”  (US $20,934.45): Actually, the price of the product includes the highest configuration version of the Mac Pro and the full kit that Apple proposes. Specifically, users have to spend $3,500 Mac Pro with 12-core processor, an additional $1,200 for 32GB RAM, FirePro D700 video card $ 1,000 , …

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