Apple will be worth a trillion dollars in the future

With the stock price always high, Apple is likely to become a company with a total market value of up to trillion dollars.

Apple stock have increased 25 percent of price this year, and the company’s total value now stands at $ 750 billion, roughly three quarters of a trillion dollars. Apple’s market capitalization value is more than $160 billion compared to the second-largest US company, Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company.

Wall Street analysts are excited about the product Apple will be launching later this year: iPhone 8. Many people expect Apple’s breakthrough because this will be the 10th anniversary of Apple’s iconic smartphone.

Many rumors are circulating around this device: New ringtone, Home button, wireless charging, virtual reality technology, quad screen like the first iPhone, biometric identifier by scanning the user’s face … No matter what the new iPhone looks like, there’s still a lot of pressure on Apple’s shoulders.

Although Apple is struggling to diversify its revenue stream, 70% of profit come from selling iPhone. The iPads was released last month without significant changes, Apple also did not move to Apple Watch or Mac. Instead, the company released the red version of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This special edition is a collaboration of the firm with RED, a charity fundraising campaign against HIV / AIDS.

Cannot deny the appeal of the Red iPhone, but the main product that people are waiting for from Apple is still the iPhone 8. Wall Street said that this product will make a big push for Apple, although Samsung will also launch a new high-end smartphone this year, according to CNN.

Currently, stock analysts are very optimistic about Apple’s future, as stock price are steadily increasing, closer and closer to the $ 1,000 billion total market value. Apple will need another 33% more, and at that time, every Apple stock will be sold with cost $190.

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