Apple wasted millions of dollar to replace batteries for iPhone 6S

It can be seen that Apple had to use their money to replace errored batteries of iPhone in not only China but also in UAE.

Recently, after many situations in which iPhone 6S was shut down automatically, Apple had to create a website to help their customers check their batteries. Apple claimed that the number of errored devices is fairly small. However, the fact is totally different from their statement. Apple seemed to hide the real number.

Apple needs to pay 7 billion dollar because the number of errored iPhone which needs to be retrieved is extremely large, up to 88,700. This news was revealed by Khaleej Times, a newspaper in UAE. It can be seen that this seems to be a burden for Apple. It is thanks to the campaign of checking the quality by the Consumer Protection Committee, errored iPhones was recalled. A representative of the committee affirmed that this problem didn’t cause any serious case which poses risk to users. Besides, Apple also has suitable policy to compensate for their customers.

It is said that the product recall only happened in UAE. There was no figure about errored iPhones in the whole world. Apple seems to gradually lose their strong position in the past. Is it because Apple pays attention too much on the sale volume and forget about the quality of their devices?

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