Apple releases iOS 10.3 to save memory for iPhone, iPad

The latest operating system for Apple’s mobile devices uses the new file system format, adding feature to wireless headsets and fix many other bugs.

After 7 beta tests, Apple has officially released iOS 10.3 for all users. Devices running iOS 10 will be able to upgrade to the latest version via iTunes or update directly on the device.

One of the important changes on iOS 10.3 is that Apple uses the new file system format (APFS) instead of the previous HFS+ file architecture. APFS is optimized for flash / SSD storage, including encryption. The other advantages are better backup support, saving storage space, thus helping the system to operate more stable.

A MacRumors member said his device reportedly used 20 GB of storage, 101.5 GB of free space, but when upgrading to iOS 10.3, the free memory increased to 106 GB and the data used was only 18 GB. Users are also noted that the iOS 10.3 upgrade process can take quite some time.

The new iOS features include Find my AirPods for Apple wireless headsets, Siri for more commands, CarPlay for faster performance, and App Store reviews…

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