Apple released a new update for the wireless headset AirPods

Apple has just released a new update for headphones AirPods, with firmware version 3.5.1, with some bug fixes related to this product.

According to SlashGear, unlike any any firmware updates for Apple’s previous devices such as iPhone or iPad, the new firmware update is not accompanied by notes. Even an Apple representative also mentioned that this update fixes a few minor bugs.

However, the error reports related to the charging or is disconnected errors when making calls that users reflect the recently, most likely an update has been newly launched Apple fix the bug present.

The update process for AirPods will take place automatically. The only way to make sure that the updated AirPods is connecting them to your phone, then access the Settings menu. Here access to General> About, click the option AirPods and you will see information current firmware version.

If testing shows the firmware has not been updated, the update to the latest firmware version is fairly simple process. Just make sure that your AirPods is connected to the phone and the phone nearby. Then, connect AirPods with charger cum box, the update will start automatically.

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