Apple recruited expert who helped them fight the FBI

Jonathan Zdziarski, a security expert who helped Apple with the FBI’s iPhone unlock request, now is an employee of the company.

According to Business Insider, Zdziarski has joined Apple’s security team.

“Private is sacred. Digital life reveals too much about us – hobbies, thoughts, even those we love. I am delighted to work with a group of people who shared a passion for protecting user privacy,” Zdziarski wrote on the blog.

Zdziarski is quite well known in the iPhone jailbreak community and has been getting media attention since 2014 when he suspected that Apple has created a backdoor in their software to collect personal information.

However, when the FBI forced Apple to unlock the terrorist’s iPhone , Zdziarski has defended the company. At that time, Apple was resolutely opposed to the FBI’s request for fear the story would not simply stop at an iPhone or a specific investigation that would affect hundreds of millions of people. In the future, if the software falls into the wrong hands, they can unlock any iPhone they have.

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