Apple is working on a technology that will increase the internet speeds

Apple is testing the next generation wireless technology 5G, which can increase the speed and bandwidth of an iPhone’s cellular connection.

According to BI, Apple wants to test the Internet speed of 5G networks based on mm wave technology (mmWave), considering the performance as well as the transmission capacity of the next-generation networks. These evaluations will support the company in developing future 5G devices.

Apple seeks to assess cellular link performance in direct path and multipath environment between base station transmitters and receivers using this spectrum.

These technologies will be tested at two different locations: one in One in Milpitas, California, on Yosemite Drive, and one on Mariani Avenue that was originally Apple’s first headquarters.

The Apple application mentions the 28 and 29 GHz bands, which the FCC approved for commercial use for 5G applications last year. The test will use technology manufactured by Rohde & Schwarz, A.H. Systems, and Analog Devices.

One of the promises of 5G is that when it is ubiquitous, allowing devices to access more bandwidth more reliable than currently possible with cellular networks.


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