Apple destroyed Facetime to force customers to upgrade?

Apple was denounced to intentionally disable Facetime in iOS 6. Recently, this rumor has been spread. Is this a trick of Apple to coerce customers into upgrading to a better version of iPhone?

Apple can be put on a trial because an American woman accused them of intentionally destroying her Facetime. This lawsuit can influence negatively on the relationship between Apple and Akamai which has been supporting for the Facetime service.

Because the amount of data of Facetime Call which Akamai stored is too large, Apple has to pay a large amount of money to maintain this service. To relieve the burden of finance, Apple decided to change the working of Facetime from the version with iOS 7. It should be noticed that many customers insisted on using iOS 6; therefore, it is difficult for Apple to control their budget effectively. Most of these customers are using some old versions like iPhone 4 or 4s.

To solve this problem, Apple seemed to intervene in customers’ device in order to disable the function of Facetime Call. After Facetime in iOS 6 was disabled, customers had no other way except for updating their device to iOS 7.

Although many customers chose to update iOS 7 for their device, the difficulty has not been completely finished. The old devices like iPhone 4 or 4S can be upgraded to iOS 7. However, because of the limitation in hardware, it is said that iOS 7 cannot bring customer good experience like in iOS 6. Obviously, the only way to get rid of this unpleasant problem is to turn back to iOS 6 or buy a more advanced iPhone. It can be seen that customers seemed to be dissatisfied with Apple.

In spite of being strongly criticized, up to now, Apple has not yet officially made any statement on this problem. Which side will be the winner? Let’s wait for the last decision in the court.


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