Apple bought the ‘can not beat’ application – Workflow

Apple has just completed the purchase of the most innovative app of 2015 – Workflow, before offering it for free to users.

If you can not beat, buy it. That’s exactly what Apple did on March 22 when it completed the purchase of the automation application called Workflow. The Apple representative confirmed this but declined to mention the price or any other terms of the deal.

Workflow is an application that performs a variety of often requiring multiple applications complex tasks and allows user to complete tasks with just click of a button. For example, you want to let people know you’re coming late, you just need to start up the late process. Workflow will automatically search your appointments in the near future before announcing your late arrival by text message.

Alex Health, an analyst with Business Insider, said that when launched, this application has resonated strongly. It is like the Swiss Army’s versatile knife, which can perform many tasks at the same time. With the presence of Workflow, many applications will be replaced because they are no longer needed.

Workflow was first noticed by Apple in 2015 but the deal was only completed on March 22. Currently, Apple still keeps Workflow in the App Store and offers it free for users. Previously, the cost to use Workflow was $2.99.

According to TechCrunch, Workflow developers will continue to work with Apple to develop product. Ari Weinstein, one of them, said: “We are very excited to be joining Apple. We will work closely with Apple to develop the product to a new level, enabling it to reach people around the world.”

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