Apple apologizes for Mac Pro

Because the design limits the device’s ability to be upgraded, Apple promises to redesign the Mac Pro by 2018.

“We are revising the Mac Pro,” Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of global marketing said at a press conference held earlier this week. However, he also stated: “You will not see any new products this year.”

Accordingly, Apple’s engineering team is designing a new system that can easily and efficiently upgrade, solves the biggest problem on the current Mac Pro.

The latest version of Mac Pro is announced in 2013 and has not changed much since then. Schiller said in 2016, sales of Macs have increased while Windows PCs are slowly shrinking. However, the owners of Mac Pro only accounted for less than 10%.

The ability to upgrade is most important to desktops and unfortunately, this is a shortcoming of the Mac Pro because Apple sacrificed it in exchange for impressive design. “Nothing can be further innovated,” Schiller said the design of the Mac Pro version of 2013 has limited the ability to upgrade itself. “We are sorry to disappoint our customers,” he said.

Mac Pro 2013 is said to use the “hardest” hardware.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president of software engineering, said the unique arrangement of components inside the Mac Pro was centered around a triangular radiator inside the cylindrical casing. “We wanted to do something impressive and different. A design that fits into the specific vision of the future was not appreciated by us at the time.”

John Ternus, Apple’s vice president of hardware engineering, also made a similar assessment of the Mac Pro: “It serves the purpose well, but there is not the necessary flexibility that we need”.

“We did something that we thought would be great. And what we found was that it was great for some people, not everyone else. Enough for us to realize that we must follow a different path and look for the next answer”, Schiller said.

In the meantime, users will still receive temporary changes with the Mac Pro upgrade with Intel Xeon processor 6 cores and AMD FirePro D500 graphics card for $2,999 version and processor 8 core, AMD FirePro D700 graphics card for the $3,999 version.

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