Apple and Google imitate Samsung

Samsung has been imitating Apple for years, but now it’s different.

In 2015, Samsung launched the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, the first two smartphones in the world with curved screen. Then, the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and S8 turn out, followed this style of design and development to new levels.

An Apple subsidiary in Cupertino, California, has unveiled a tenth version smartphone of Apple called iPhone 8 that will launch this fall, and it will also have a curved OLED display.

According to ET News of Korea, Apple has signed a two-year contract with Samsung Display for the production of curved OLED screens up to US $9 billion.

In addition, Google revealed the smartphone Pixel design will be launched later this year with integrated curved OLED screen.

According to South Korea’s Electronic Times, Google has invested $880 million in LG Display to make curved OLED displays.

Incredibly, Samsung’s phone devices were based on Apple’s iPhone. In a 132 page document published in 2010, Samsung explains how to make the best smartphone by making it look like the iPhone’s design. Therefore, Apple has always sued Samsung to court by the imitation of ideas for many years.

But, the technology world is turning upside down. Google and Apple are imitating Samsung.

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